After nearly a decade of begging and pleading by nearly two adoring fans, brianhenning.com has been launched.  This site is your official source for late breaking, up to the minute news...about me.  You'll find information on my current and upcoming shows throughout Chicago, an on-going autobiography in which I'll be recounting my life thus far as well as a heartwarming photo essay and lots of other good crap.  I hope you enjoy my site, check back often for updates and be sure to sign my guestbook or email me with comments.

Hi, I'm Brian; actor, improviser and comedy writer in the great city of Chicago.  I'm originally from Cleveland, Ohio, where I spent the first 25 years of my life working many semi-impressive jobs until my creative bug could no longer be suppressed.  I quit my job, sold my house and headed to Chicago to persue improv and sketch comedy at Second City and iO.  So far I have written, produced and/or performed in over 20 original improv and sketch comedy shows all over Chicago.  Click on the "Show Information" tab for more information on all the great shows I'm currently involved with and a taste of what's to come.  Take a look around and have fun!

Me in 1979 (Above) and today (Below).

Are you a huge fan of mine?  Or a friend or relative that I haven't seen in a while? Perhaps you are another Brian Henning who is angry that I registered this domain?  Maybe you're just incredibly bored and/or lonely and need someone to talk to.  Well, you're in luck!  Feel free to shoot me an email with questions, comments or just a friendly hello.  I'd love to hear from you!         

                               send me an email: brian@brianhenning.com