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Sunday, November 1, 2009, 1pm at The Lakeshore Theater
Sunday, November 8, 2009, 1pm at The Lakeshore Theater

Plus special Christmas services:

Sunday, December 20, 2009, 1pm at The Lakeshore Theater
Sunday, December 17, 2009, 1pm at The Lakeshore Theater

After 13 agonizing years of Catholic School I decided it was time to fight back.  And what better way to fight Christianity than with The Bible itself.  The Best Church of God is a weekly satirical church service where we believe in the absolute, literal word of The Bible, as set down in the original English.  It's amazing and attending guarantees your place in the Kingdom of Heaven...but don't take my word for it.

~The Chicago Reader

"The Best Church of God is on a holy roll!"
~Mike Thomas, The Chicago Sun-Times

"Best of 2008!"
~Time Out Chicago

"A hilarious caricature of religious conservatism!"
~The Chicago Red Eye

"Is religion ever a laughing matter? At the Best Church of God...that's all it ever is"
~Manya Brachear, The Chicago Tribune

"BCOG is one of the most exciting, ambitious endeavors in Chicago comedy today!"
~Steve Heisler, Time Out (Chicago)

"Smartly staged sacrilege"
~The Chicago Sun-Times

"Best Bet!"
~The Red Eye

"Get thee to the Lakeshore Theater!...Spot-on parody of religious fundamentalism."
~Jason Heidemann
, Editor of Time Out Theater and LGBT

"Vicious, delicious satire of Christianity...their lampooning of the Lord still tickles even as it tugs at the mind"
~Ryan Hubbard, The Chicago Reader

"An impressive knowledge of all things Biblical"
~Stan Golovchuk, The Loyola Phoenix

"And after only a month of original weekly shows, it's looking like the best thing to happen in town since the Late Night Late Show...[The Best Church of God] is on the fast track to amassing a huge cult following (no irony intended)...This is the real deal."
~Steve Heisler, Time Out (Chicago)

"The Best Church of God succeeds in providing a counterpoint to religion and allowing people to ask questions about some of the more ridiculous aspects of a real church, like mixing religion and politics and exploring animal sacrifice as a way of repenting for sins."
~Derek Kucynda, The Columbia Chronicle

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I'm also thrilled to be part of pH productions, performing original long form improv shows every Friday and Saturday night at midnight at Studio BE, 3110 N Sheffield.

To find out more about pH or to find out what shows I will be performing in, visit

Some interesting things are in the works including a completely original musical.  Stay tuned...

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