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Below you will find lots of pictures from the Henning family archives.  Please don't steal these pictures and attempt to pass them off as your own memories, or cut my head off and paste it onto some naked guys body somewhere...unless the guy is really hung, and you promise to do a really, really good job.

Here is an early picture of me.  My Uncle Mel was taunting me with a bottle in order to get me to look at the camera.

I don't recall what was inside that package, but I'm sure it was really cool.

My dad is a workaholic and tried to instill a good work ethic in me as early as possible.  Here I am at age 2 picking plums in a nearby orchard.  I worked 6 days a week for 10 hours a day throughout the spring and summer. 

If you didn't believe it when I said I was an eccentric child, look no further than my wardrobe in this picture.  Taken at my grandparents house, for some reason I have on a bow tie and red vest along with a Cleveland Browns bathrobe. 

My grandpa used to give me beer...when I stayed at their house...and he wanted me to be quiet.

I can only wonder why child services didn't take me away from my parents due to the fact that they allowed me to wear this.  Behold, a long sleeved smurf sweatshirt, suede sheriffs vest with cowboy hat and a bubble pipe.

This time I'm sporting Pittsburgh Steelers pajamas, a cowboy hat, slippers and my Mr. Steve cane...Gee, thanks mom and dad.

Bri and Grandpa Sobieski relax on the hammock.

What's even rarer than a Honus Wagner T-206 cigarette card?  A Brian Henning t-ball card from when I was part of the legendary Bill Lake Buick Thrillers.  I own the only three known to exist, and for a limited time, I'm offering them for sale to smart investors at only $45,000.00 each.  Contact today!!

An example of one of my early childhood friends.

Here's me with my dog Blue.

My sister and I with elderly friend Ms. Sanky.

Here's me on Halloween, dressed as the Church Lady.  Isn't that special?

My directing debut occurred in 1995.  I took it a little too seriously.

In 1996 I got to direct again, this time being a little more laid back.  Here, Lad Ferian and I demonstrated to the cast how to deal with "distractions" from the audience during their performance.

The cast of "Cinderella Wore Combat Boots," my final play at Holy Name.

The Brian Henning Fan Club attends the BW One Act Play Festival to see "Cinderella Wore Combat Boots"

Me and the auction crew.

Here's my Second City A-E ensemble, "The Sixth Year Seniors"

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